Making Websites

17 August 2014 - Last Updated 25 August 2015


I just finished the website for the Frost Lab at UCSF and I am really happy with it. It uses a very similar structure under the hood to the Fraser Lab, but thanks to a new css framework, it has a distinctive look while maintaining a lot of the simple visual styles that I prefer.

I’ve also gotten to see a few other people make personal or lab websites using github pages based on the templates I’ve generated: check out Neville Bethel’s homepage and Eli Zunder’s lab page. If you want to try your hand, I’d recommend forking my code on github for this page or the Fraser Lab.

Original Piece:

In the past few months, I have gone from having no experience whatsoever making websites to having made 2 static sites and a small in-progress webapp (which I hope to share soon!). It has been a tremendous learning experience for me, but something that I found difficult starting out was just figuring out what technologies to build from.

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